Mike Savage owner of Memphis Mike's BBQ started BBQ as a hobby in British Columbia, Canada because he couldn't find the type of BBQ he grew with in Memphis, Tennessee at local establishments. Especially smoked meats like smoked pastrami.

He started BBQing as a hobby. It then started to become a passion and he would throw backyard party's for his friends, and his friends 20 invited guests and it would turn into 60 people.

Then people would ask for him to cook for them and before he knew it, he was catering to hundreds of people!

Being Born in Memphis, Tennesse Shelby county where good BBQ is not the exception, it's the rule!!  He had some tough shoes to fill. But having a passion for good food is what drove Memphis Mike to establish his catering operation for the last  17 years in the lower mainland.

We specialize in Pull Pork-Smoked Beef Brisket- Pastrami-Honey Brined Chicken- Smoked Pork loin with honey glaze- along with a myriad of great sides.

Along with his Lovely Wife of 25 years and 5 kids Memphis Mike has cheerfully served BBQ for weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Blues Events, Stags, Graduations, etc.

We always tell people if you want a memorable event, Remember to have memorable food!